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The Power of Stories & Experiences

Have you ever been so inspired after hearing someone share a story that it prompted you to take action or do something you would have never otherwise done? What about having an experience that started you down a brand new path of exploration and learning? I believe that we've all had these powerful moments and that they've been transformational and led to growth in some way.  I'm an avid learner and love trying new things and being exposed to new ideas! Part of that journey for me is going to be captured in this blog where I plan to share personal stories and experiences. The simple action of getting this blog up & running is about me doing something different and stretching myself in new ways. My hope is that maybe the stories will inspire someone to step out of their comfort zone or take some small new action. They might not do that at all, which is perfectly fine because at the end of the day it's my own personal experiment to think differently, and learn a few t

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